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A constant challenge towards a new world!
A challenge for the improved food culture!

A challenge for the culture of food improved in the future. A first-class food for health and love. With all my heart with love child.

Jeong Seok, Im



Before & After

String without challenges, that for a new world! The enhanced his bid for a food culture, the future!
2016Launched new product 'canned dried oyster' and began exporting to Hong Kong and China
2015Approved by U.S.A FDA for 3 kinds of canned abalone(SID No. : 2015103001, 20151030002, 20151030003). Launched 4 kinds of new gift sets for Duty free shop, department Store, hypermarts, home shopping and internet mall)
2014Made new products(canned abalone 2kinds) and export to U.S.A and Hong Kong
2013Awarded prize of Korea president for export tower. Exported canned abalone, in sauce to Hong Kong(USD1,500,000)
2012Made new canned abalone with special abalone sauce and Exported to Hong Kong. Spended USD 1,600,000 for R&D cost for 7kinds of canned Shellfish.
2010Commencement to research and development with TF team(11persons) and marketing team 4persons) Exported canned abalone to Hong Kong(USD600,000) Which 1st time from Korea. Awarded by Chief of Jellanam-Do province, Awarded innovation reader for Korea.
2009Open and maintained to R&D factory for canned abalone and shellfish products (Wando in Korea)